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What is a VIVA Crown? And Why do I Want One?


After the ICO only 1 VIVA Crown will be created each week as part of the settlement procedure between mints. Only 42,000 will ever be created. We believe they will become treasured financial assets.


Every quarter each VIVA Crown Holder receives a Treasury Right to mint an agreed upon number of VIVA Coins (the base currency in the VIVAconomy). These rights can be sold to a mint if you so desire.


Every quarter an amount of VIVA Coins generated by transactions in the VIVAconomy is set aside for worthy causes. As a Crown Holder you have the right and privilege of naming a recipient.


Each VIVA Crown Holder has one vote (regardless of the number of Crowns she may possess) in all of the important decisions that affect the VIVAconomy. No one has more influence.

VIVA Ultraledger Technology

The VIVA Project goes one step beyond traditional cryptocurrencies.

Building off of a multi-million dollar development project called Hyperledger Fabric (funded by IBM and other industry leaders) our multidimensional blockchain graph raises the bar for blockchain technology.

Unlike outdated Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus algorithms, our innovative concept of Proof of Authority does not depend on energy consuming mining farms nor top-heavy stake holders who dominate the ecosystem.

Amazing Reviews for VIVA - Hear What People Are Saying!

I'm excited about what's going on with Viva and how this can affect folks around the world. Many of us have found that ICOs are great and there are some amazing projects being built by very talented people. Almost all of them seek to solve a real world problem.

Viva looks like it's on track to do more. Being involved with humanitarian efforts in Haiti as well as regenerative agricultural folks and missionaries around the world, I see some amazing potential for Viva to really live up to its name and bring some incredible opportunities to thousands of people who might not otherwise have them. Rocking the world through technology is great. Rocking the world by feeding hungry mouths and improving quality of life raises the bar infinitely.

Joe Johnson

I have been a teacher for many years and as you know, teachers are not the best paid occupation in the world. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to be part of Viva Coin and I truly believe that this will change the way people think about money. My whole life I have waited for something more...and I truly believe that this is it! I am quite a newcomer to the crypto world and I am learning something new every single day. This is truly the future of finance and with Vivacoin you can generate an income that can help you bridge that financial gap. If there is any time to climb on board this train, the time is now.

Yvette De Beer

Over the past year I have studied many different blockchains and crypto currencies and after being very skeptical I've become a believer in Viva and the Viva mission. Everyone I've gotten to talk to has been extremely open, and passionate especially with me be a newbie to this. I can't wait to the ico and see these features be brought to market. Real world application people need now it's going to be a game changer.

Dominique Ellis 

This is an excellent opportunity to leverage blockchain technology to create tremendous opportunity for all of us. If you are new to cryptocurrency and blockchain, please make an effort to check out this project. The founders have put considerable effort into making this accessible for everyone.

Domenic Thomas

The potentials of cryptocurrency to shape the future of economics and globalization is immense. Only via these can we become a global society - Viva is the right model at the right time with the right social cause. This is brilliant and I am excited to be part of this amazing journey!

Aubree Arias 

Let's talk VIVA Business Apps

Real world benefits that expand the VIVAconomy
Tradeqwik, the fastest exchange on the internet, VIVA, VIVAconomy


The TradeQwik exchange is the official wallet of both VIVA Crowns and VIVA Coins. Post-ICO the developers of the VIVA Network will be releasing individualized VIVA wallets in several languages including Spanish, German, and Russian.

All transactions on TradeQwik are done using the network’s token VIVA Coin. Current exchange pairs being offered for trading are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Steem, Dash, Golos, XAU/GBG (mg. gold), USD and MXN. By the time of the ICO, TradeQwik plans to have all of the top ten marketcap coins listed on the exchange for seamless trading into and out of VIVA.

VIVACash, peer to peer payment system on the VIVAconomy

Peer-to-Peer Payment

VIVA.cash is a peer to peer payment system that utilizes SMS text messaging instead of apps. With funding from the ICO, we will be getting money transfer licenses in place allowing our Network to take a slice of the trillion dollar remittance industry without over complicating it for new users. This solution is based on the fact that many people throughout the world do not have smart phones or reliable internet but they do have cellular service.

VIVAconom, POETS, Proof of Educational Transcript Sytem


POETS, an acronym for Proof of Educational Transcript System, is an exciting application for higher education. What differentiates POETS from other proposed blockchain-backed open course-ware initiatives is that all courses will be from accredited institutions. A condition of institutional participation requires that credits be considered fungible between participating institutions. In short this means that students are allowed to cherry pick courses and instructors from a myriad of institutions taking only the very best, and most rigorous courses, then banking these credits over a lifetime. The student may “cash them in” when they feel they are degree ready and the issuing institution agrees.

Votabit, open source voting, a VIVA Crown project

Open source voting

Votabit is a proposed standard for eVoting systems that harnesses the power of the Ultraledger blockchain technology. It allows for individuals to verify that their vote has been counted while at the same time it ensuring strict voter anonymity. 
As democracies become more and more dependent on technology it is essential that voting systems be reliable and tamperproof. This is what Votabit brings to the table.

MedicAxess, a VIVA Crown project, VIVAconomy

Medical Records 

MedicAxess is an application that will be a game changer in the medical industry. Our initiative is to have all medical records tied to the individual rather than scattered between medical clinics, hospitals, labs, and care providers. Individuals will be empowered to control who has access to their records when they seek medical care. The unique thing about MedicAxess is that all medical providers will be allowed to store medical records safely on the network for free. There is a small fee charged when retrieving records and this fee must be paid in VIVA, thereby setting up a way for people to offset their medical bills with VIVA earned by donating their computing resources to help others.

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Our Executive Team

Dawn Parker Waites, CEO of VIVA Holdings, LLC


Dawn Parker Waites

Our CEO and mama bear of the team, Dawn has a long background in business including property management, mortgage, and sustainability industries. She has been involved in political and technology think tanks since the late 90s and has taught at San Diego State University in the Green Energy Management program. She published a respected online news portal, San Diego Loves Green, that was bought by a public company in 2012.

Dawn has been a thought leader and political activist in Southern California, and was an organizer in the Occupy Wall Street movement in California.

Alec Hahn

Alec Hahn is our CCO and oversees our Mexican and European operations. Alec is the spirit of the team and since early 2010, has been involved with Bitcoin. He has worked with several Blockchain technologies including Bitcoin42 and BitHalo. His work as a media designer has been commissioned and displayed at the Museum of London, Deutsches Museum in Munich and Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City. Alec has written, directed, produced, photographed and edited various short films that took him to film festivals around the world. As a freelancer he worked for the Rachel Carson Center in Munich. Alec also is a co-founder of Earthivism, a non-profit organization that produces Imperfectu: International Film and Gender Studies Festival in Tijuana with his wife Josephina.

Alec HAhn, COO of VIVA Holdings, LLC


Dennis H. Lewis, CMO of VIVA Holdings, LLC


Dennis H. Lewis

Dennis H. Lewis is our CMO and is a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed digital storyteller. An author of three books, he has an uncanny knack of being able to distill complex technologies and explain them in ways that are fun and approachable. Over his extensive career he has lead startups both in Europe and the United States and currently runs a successful digital marketing firm in Orlando, FL. He has been featured on mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, Good Morning America and the BBC.

William Banks

William Banks is our CTO and mastermind / architect. Mr Banks has an MBA with an emphasis on IT Management as well as a Bachelor's in Computer Science. He's been heavily involved in infotech in general and fin-tech in particular for the past two decades. William began his professional career with the US Navy where he worked with cryptography and security extensively. Since his time in the Navy, William has worked as an IT consultant and systems architect for several of the top Fortune 500 companies. Eventually leaving corporate America to take the lead on several open source projects including this one.

William Banks, CTO of VIVA Holdings, LLC


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It looks like a crypto version of a fiat monetary system 

It's too good to be true

"Elite." Sure. Whatever.

It's just hype with no depth

All cryptos are fly by night operations

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Those who missed out on the bitcoin craze because of being late and no knowledge of crypto can now breath easy. Viva coin is easier attained without need for mining rigs or complex trading. VIVA is the bridge between the money you are familiar with and cryptocurrency.

Ronald Nava 

There is nothing more exciting than having the opportunity to be among the first to be part of this life changing innovation. VIVA is the future of finance and with it, you can turn your computer or laptop into a money minting machine. With VIVA, the possibility of retiring to a healthy and happy life is here

Funbi Adeleke 

A wonderful project with nice friendly and smart people connected by the vision of a sustainable and fair economy for all humans facing the challenges of future. There is a vision but at the same time very down to earth projects which already run and provide a tangible impression of what an economy with focus on unconditional basic income can look like.

Andreas Holling

Amazing group of DOERS who are going to change the world in finance, education and philanthropy - and just a chat away to answer ANY questions at http://chat.vivaco.in

Meredith Loughran